Manuscripts submitted for review must be treated as private documents. They must not be shown to or discussed with anyone else unless the editor has given permission. The identities of the reviewers and authors are kept secret during double-blind review. This level of anonymity is intended to promote fairness, with papers evaluated on their own merits.



Any reviewer who feels he or she is unqualified to review the research reported in a manuscript or knows that timely review is impossible should notify the editor and withdraw from the review process.



Reviews should be conducted objectively. Personal criticism of the author is inappropriate. Reviewers should express their views clearly with supporting arguments.



Reviewer is responsible to fill out the score sheet to indicate the paper's quality.



After evaluating the paper’s quality, reviewer must make a recommendation to the editor for publication. Should it be approved? Revisions and resubmissions? Rejected while awaiting revision? Reviewer is also encouraged to provide some comments suitable for transmission to the author as an opportunity to seek clarification on any points that are unclear and for further elaboration. It suggested to recommend ways for the author to improve the presentation's clarity, succinctness, and overall quality.