The basic guidelines for submission are as follows:

  1. The maximum accepted numbers of manuscripts for each volume are 30 manuscripts.
  2. The manuscript must be in English and using MS Word format.
  3. The title must not exceed twelve words and must be in Arial size 14.
  4. The manuscript submitted may have a maximum of 3 authors. However, each author is restricted to submitting no more than TWO papers.
  5. 1st/main author must be from the lecturer among FPP, UiTM Cawangan Kedah.
  6. The text must be in Arial size 11. The headings must be in Arial size 12.
  7. Spacing must be 1.0 spacing between lines. Double spacing between paragraphs.
  8. The beginning of each paragraph must be indented.
  9. The preferred length is 500 words (excluding references, tables, notes).
  10. The maximum number of pages is 4 pages (including references, tables, notes).
  11. If any, the APA Style 7th edition should be used for both citation and references. (refer this link:
  12. End notes (if any) must appear at the end of the article. (optional)
  13. If any, an abstract can be included. (optional)
  14. Keywords (4- 6) can be provided below the abstract. (optional)
  15. Tables, graphs, figures and charts must be typed and included as part of the manuscript. Acknowledgements (if any) must be placed before the References.
  16. The paper must go through a proofreading process and the author must provide evidence of proofread (i.e. certificate by the professional proofreader).
  17. Upon final submission, authors must check the manuscript with plagiarism detection i.e. Turnitin or Ouriginal with similarity level less than 20%. (kindly provide the evidence in Pdf file format).





Online Submission

Please submit your paper HERE